Travel2Kodaikanal is the best tourist provider, helping people visit lovely and natural places located in Kodaikanal. You can visit favorite places like Coakers Walk, Bryant Park, Kurinji, and Andavar Temple. Tourists will like to enjoy Coackers Walk, which is the best and most famous place located in Kodaikanal. There, you can do activities like walking, cycling, sightseeing, and photography with your friends and family.Enjoy walking on Coackers Walk from different angles. Coaker’s Walk was constructed by Lt. Coaker in 1872. The Pambar River valley is situated towards the south-east side of the walkway, and it is a man-made walking plaza. It has 1km of walking paths. Our travel2Kodaikanal tram will offer low-budget Kodaikanal tour packages with quality services. Coakers Walk is one of the places to visit in our best Kodaikanal tour packages, and one important thing is that it is only a half kilometer away from Kodaikanal Lake, where you can see many shops where we can purchase everything while walking and cycling. It is also a favorite place for couples to enjoy their honeymoon in the Kodaikanal honeymoon packages. The best time to visit is at 2.30 p.m., and visiting at 4 p.m. in the evening is very ideal. There are many home-made chocolate shops available at the entrance of Coakers Walk. They will be very healthy and delicious if you purchase them at the best price.

Honeymoon trip to Bryant Park

Bryant Park is another famous place to enjoy your honeymoon with your partner in our Kodaikanal honeymoon packages. The British Army officer Glenn Bryant introduced this park in 1989. It is amazingly maintained on 29.5 acres with a botanical garden. The 157-year-old eucalyptus tree is one of the most famous and attractive things in Bryant Park. It is one of the more tourist-attractive places in Kodaikanal. The entry fee for adults is Rs. 30, for children, Rs. 15, and for visitors with cameras, Rs. 50. You can enjoy botanical gardens at a cheap price , more flowers in beautiful colors like dalia, salmia, and lake with lotus.Couples can take photographs in front of beautiful flowers; it will be a memorable moment in your Kodaikanal honeymoon packages.

Workship of Kurinji andavar temple

Kurinji Andavar Temple is a very famous spiritual place located in Kodaikanal. It was built in 1936. Couples can visit this temple on their honeymoon trip; it will make their lives peaceful and happy. Murugan is very special in this temple. From this point, we can view Palani Temple. Many people are visiting this Kurinji andavar temple during their Kodaikanal trip. Our travel2Kodaikanal makes arrangements for their tourists to visit the very famous spiritual places with our Kodaikanal tour packages. Kurinji flowers will grow in these mountains every 12 years. Couples can get blessings from Kurinji andavar before starting their lives. They get all their wealth by praying to Kurinji andavar.